General Admission

Admission will be $20 a session and can be purchased online at the link below.

Due to Covid, spectator amounts will be limited. The venue requires the wearing of masks at all times.

Lifters from other sessions that are part of a registered team can attend all sessions as a spectator for free.



Lifter Entry Fees are broken into tiers based on when the lifter completed their meet registration.

Tier One: $115 through January 17

Tier Two: $140 through February 3

Tier Three: $165 through February 17

Tier Four: $195 through March 10


*Free commemorative t-shirt included with Tier One, Two, & Three.

Team Entry Fees are $150 per team and must take place on Wednesday, April 7th as part of the check-in process.

Full refunds will not be issued for any reason. Partial refunds would only apply in the event of a change of date or due to changes necessitated by the global pandemic.



Two free coaching passes per team, good for all sessions. A driver's license and current USAPL card must be provided by team coaches at the time of roster submission between 4:00 - 9:00 PM on April 7 to receive passes.

Individual coaching passes can be purchased throughout the event for $30 per session. A drivers license and current USAPL card must be provided.

Competitor ID's will only grant access to lifter and warm-up areas during the competitor's session. If a competitor wishes to serve as a coach during another session, an individual coaching pass must be purchased.